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The base of our expertise is the experience gained during fourty years of active participation in the travel industry.
This is combined with continuing observation and participation of todays and future developments. Understanding the history helps understanding the present situation and forming the future.  
Market entry strategies

There are numerous companies with brilliant products and services which should consider conquering new markets for their business model.

We have supported a few of them and continue doing so. 

Normally we start with a 'market entry study' if the company lacks detailed information on risks and opportunities. We have done this for some companies regarding the Russian travel market and keep doing so. We even do it for foreign companies wanting to enter well developed countries like Germany.  

By the way we also failed occasionally, so we also know that feeling.

Training & Coaching

Especially in the travel industry investment in people is the number one investment for many companies. In travel distribution 60- 65% of all investment cost stand for investment in people.

We share our experience gained with all staff involved in the processes by supporting them with hands on training e.g. in gaining and retaining customers, self management and more. At the same time we also support and coach management and owners in continuously improving their businesses by all means.

This can include a fresh look at the numbers and benchmarking with peers in the industry. 



When reading business books you will often see samples of Merger and Acquisition deals failing.

We have supported and managed several hundred such deals in the past and continuously have a few such projects running.

We have an excellent track record of successful M&A deals and are happy to share some insight in personal meetings on how we could support your approach to M&A.

Cost Improvement

This is a wide field. We support corporations and enterprises in improving their cost of investment in business travel across various countries. This can include building travel management structures in general or managing tenders within the group of travel suppliers in detail.

We have our fingers on the pulse and come up with new ideas as market opportunities arise. 

Most recently we have developed a methodology to claim entitlements of business travelers towards airlines in case of delay or cancelation - with no cost to the traveler or the company.


Interim Management

What to do if an important management position is vacant for whatever reason?

We can step in and 'keep you afloat'.

Winfried has managed companies of various sizes in more than fifteen countries throughout the world and has - most important - gained excellent understanding of different business drivers and cultural differences.

Recently he supported a German company in their Russian organization, after the General Director gave notice and some other staff followed.


Business Support

Not only is this the title of our company, it is also the core understanding of what we do.

We are here to support your business in various ways.

Mostly we follow the common understanding whereby 'tactic beats strategy'.


Let's see how we can support your business. 

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